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Most of the drainage and sewer system’s components are located underground, so when a problem arises, it can require plumbing excavation. Digging a portion of a given property allows us to have a clearer view of the problem and provide an accurate set of solutions to fix it.

Underground Services

Your underground services are very important and often in a challenging position to repair or replace. With years of experience we’ll get your underground repaired or replaced with quality in mind. Everyone has seen the other guys completely tear apart someone’s beautiful yard or driveway and leave it so the trench is sinking for years to come, or leaving an eyesore of a patch in the driveway or parking lot. 

We will be as unobtrusive as possible and aim to put your space back together as nice as it was or better if we can. Bedding your pipes with proper support materials, backfilling and compacting like you should so your soils don’t drop Patching concrete and asphalt professionally and neatly. We’re not afraid to dig, but as we grow we will have more and more trenchless options so it’s even more like we were never there.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. We will contact PG&E and other companies that have underground lines in your area. Representatives will then mark the location of their underground lines so we can avoid them and dig safely.

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