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Why Not have your plumbing infrastructure built in a fashion that will be as problem free in the future as possible? Having begun with over a decade of remodeling and construction work, and now with over a decade of service and repair experience in both residential and commercial settings, we’ve seen a variety of problems that are the result of cheap material or installation during original construction.


We can anticipate and avoid countless potential future issues. Using the highest quality materials and methods, to size and secure your plumbing properly. Designing your waste and vent system to have the fewest turns and best fitting arrangements to achieve optimum flow and accessibility of clean outs. Installing accessible isolation valves and components that may need future servicing. And in general giving your project the well thought out attention it deserves, with a comprehensive approach that will leave minimal exclusions resulting in surprise costs after work has begun. Bringing up any issues ahead of time to your contractor so changes can be made accordingly BEFORE you end up with the nightmare of ripping out tile or concrete to resolve a problem that should have been recognized and addressed, but now it’s too late and will cost tens of thousands to fix.

We won’t be the lowest bid, but we WILL be the best value. Don’t go through all the time and effort to design and build your dream home, and look past one of the most important parts. You can sleep soundly knowing you had A Better Plumbing Company design and install your homes plumbing infrastructure and fixtures. Ask your contractor to get a bid from A Better Plumbing Company for your next project.

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Experience the difference with A Better Plumbing Company LLC. Whether you’re facing an urgent plumbing issue or planning a renovation, trust Micah and our team to deliver superior craftsmanship and unmatched customer care. Contact us today to discuss your plumbing needs and discover why we’re the preferred choice in the North Bay area.